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    哈拉政策 Halal Policy


            Tangshan Top Biotechnology Co.,Ltd ensures to consistently produce halal products in meeting consumers needs including those of the Moslem consumers, we will achieve this by:

            A、保證在生產中使用的原輔料都被LP POM MUI 認為是清真的。

            Ensuring all the raw materials introduced in the production are certified halal by LPPOM MUI.、


            Ensuring all the production systems are clean enough and free from non-halal.

            C、保證所有提供給穆斯林的產品有LP POM MUI的哈拉證書。

            Ensuring all the finished goods manufactured for Moslem consumers are certified halal by LPPOM MUI.

    哈拉指南 Halal Guidance

            1、哈拉(清真)和哈拉姆(非清真)的定義 Definition of Halal and Haram


            Halal means lawful. In the case of food, most are halal except for some that are explicity mentioned in the Al Qur’an or Hadits.


            Harm is something prohibited by God Almighty. People who diliberately ignore what is not allowed will face God’s punishment in the life hereafter. Some even face Islamic law sanctions in life.

            2、《古蘭經》和MUI Fatwa伊斯蘭教法學家 規定  Al Qur’an and MUI Fatwa reference


            Haram materials stipulated in Qur’an are as follows:

                a.腐肉Dead meat


                c.豬肉Flesh of swine

                d.非誦安拉之名宰殺的動物 animals slaughtered in the name other than Allah.


            Some materials are considered haram as mentioned in Hadits but some are debatable among different mazhabs (school of thoughts)→need fatwa.

            2.3 MUI 對材料和產品進程的裁決

            Fatwa(Islamic Legal Opinion) of MUI for materials and production process(No.4/2003)

                a. Khamr 酒精類

                – 任何使人麻醉的東西(酒精飲料)

                Anything that is intoxicating is categorized as khamr(alcohol drink).

                – 含1%以上乙醇的飲料

                Drinks containing a mininum of 1% ethanol is categorized as khamr

                – 被認為酒精類的飲料是不潔凈的

                Drinks categorized as khamr is najis (filth)

                – 通過發酵產生的少于1%的乙醇的飲料不被認為是酒精類,但是如果食用了就被認為是哈拉姆(非清真)的

                Drinks produced though fermentation process containing less than 1% ethanol are not categorized as khamr but is haram for consumption.

                b. 乙醇Ethanol

                – 來自非酒精類工業的乙醇是純的

                Ethanol produced by non khamr industry is not najis(pure)

                – 使用來自非酒精類工業的純乙醇

                Using of pure ethanol which is produced by non khamr industry is:


                    (a) Mubah(allowed), if it is not detected in the finished product.


                    (b) Haram(prohibited) if it is detected in the finished product.

                – 在食品中使用來自酒精類工業的乙醇是哈拉姆(非清真)的

                Using of ethanol produced by khamr industry in food production is haram.

                c. 酒精類工業的副產品 By product of khamr industry

                – 來自酒精類工業的雜醇油是哈拉姆(非清真)的和不潔凈的

                Fusel oil as by product of khamr industry is haram and najis.

                – 來自非酒精類工業的雜醇油是哈拉(清真)的和潔凈的

                Fusel oil which is not by product of khamr industry is halal and not najis.

                – Component that is physically separated from fusel oil as by product of khamr industry is haram.

                – 從來自酒精工業的雜醇油中分離出來的組份與其他化合物反應生成的新的化合物是哈拉(清真)的

                Component that is physically separated from fusel oil as by product of khamr industry and than chemically reacted to be a new compound is halal.

                – 醋是哈拉(清真)的  Vinegar is halal.

                – 來自酒精類工業的酵母除去味道,氣味和顏色后被認為是哈拉(清真)的

                Yeast separated from khamr and washed to remove taste, smell and colour of khamr is halal.

                d. 非清真香料Flavor imitating haram product

                – 以哈拉姆(非清真)名稱命名和哈拉姆(非清真)感官外形的產品,例如朗姆酒香料和豬肉香料,即使其成分是哈拉(清真)的,產品也被認為是哈拉姆(非清真)的

                Flavor using the name and having sensory profile of a haram product, like rhum flavor, pork flavor, ect. could not be halal certified although ingredients used are halal.

                e. 微生物產品Microbial product

                – 使用哈拉(清真)介質培養的微生物是哈拉(清真)的,使用了哈拉姆(非清真)的介質培養的微生物是哈拉姆(非清真)的

                Microbes which grow on and halal growth media are halal and which grow on haram growth media are haram.

                – 在所有的生產過程中(初試,中試和生產階段)使用了哈拉姆(非清真)和不潔凈的培養介質的微生物產品被認為是哈拉姆(非清真)的

                Microbial consumer products which use haram and najis materials on its growth media in all production steps(refreshing scale, pilot plant scale and production stage) are haram.

                – 包含了使用哈拉姆(非清真)培養介質培養的微生物的產品是哈拉姆(非清真)的Consumer products containing microbial products which grow on non halal media are haram.

                – 包含了微生物的產品,必須追溯到培養該微生物的培養介質

                Consumer products containing microbial product must be traced back to initial growth  media of the microbes.

                f. 設備共享Use of Sharing facility

                – 如果使用曾經生產過豬肉產品的設備,設備必須用水沖洗七次,在用土或者具有相同清洗能力的物質洗一次

                Facility that has been used to produce product containing pork must be cleaned seven times by water and once of them by dust or its substitute that has similar cleaning power.

                – 設備不能有時用于豬肉產品,有時用于非豬肉產品

                Facility must not be alternately used for producing pork and non pork products.

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